5: The Earth

Figure 5.1
non-biological prevost theory

Since Darwinian fitness and competition are the issue, we first imagine a world without them.

Our initial proposed earth is therefore also perpetual. It can eternally receive the solar radiation our equally eternal sun transmits.

Although our model earth in Figure 5.1 is ideal and perpetual, it is just like the real earth in that it always abides by the Prévost theory of exchanges. It therefore strikes a radiative energy balance with the surroundings of the sun and the cosmos. It always absorbs exactly as much radiation from the sun as it emits into the cosmos. It attains and maintains an equilibrium.

Now we have an earth, we must acknowledge a small problem. In this initially non-biological case, our perpetual earth is receiving a great deal of harmful cosmic radiation, ultraviolet rays, and the like.

This is not what we want so we must fix it.