3: Reproducing the Cycle

Our biological population obviously needs energy to go through its circulation: its cycle of departure and return, and of absence and presence. It also needs some material resources to sustain itself. Both must come from the environment.

There is, however, something else we must deal with. We want the population to leave everything all around it the same, so that the next generation can also go through a circulation. We must therefore deal with entropy: the tendency for things in those surroundings not just to change, but to degrade.

We therefore want two things. Firstly, we want the population to reproduce. But secondly, we want the environment to support another circulation. It must therefore be left substantively the same, so that the next generation can repeat.

If we want those two things, then we must impose three conditions. We want the entropies of:

  1. the population;
  2. the surroundings; and
  3. the universe

to each return to their same values so that there has been no overall change. The circulation can then repeat.